“As a start-up company we needed highly skilled developers on a contract basis to build our idea from the ground up.  Simpatico matched us with the right developers at the right price.  They were highly productive and great at taking initiative.  The project went so well, we decided to use them on other projects as well”

Russell Phillippe – Founder


“I approached Simpatico to assist in finding me capable and professional developers for a Blockchain project.  Not only did they steer me in the right direction but followed up and participated in the early discussions until I had established a sound working relationship with the development team.  Simpatico understood quickly and intuitevely what I needed and impleted it in a cost professionally and cost effictevely.  Many thanks, I shall not hesitate to recommend their services.

Laurence Cross – Founder


“I highly recommend Simpatico for their dedication towards building and developing our website.  Neesless to say that this was an extended journey in order to to build the functionality and concept.  I would like to recognise their dedication and professionalism over the period of time it took to work on this innovative project.  Simpatico and the development team showed a vast amount of professionalism, ability to listen, develop, suggest and communicate at a very high level.  I can highly recommend their business to any other party of interest.”

Yves Segers – Owner and creator


“We were looking for very niche Bitcoin Smart Contract and blockchain experts to work with our tech team. These skills are much harder to come by than Ethereum or private blockchain skills. Gail introduced us to her Blockchain partner who assisted us in expanding our team to deliver an end-to-end solution.

Gail not only listened to our needs to make sure that she introduced us to teams that matched us on skills and business values, but provided solid experience-based considerations and recommendations that ultimately resulted in us working with the best technology partner available.

For whatever technology skills sets you need, I would recommend a discussion with Gail.”

Irlon Tereblanche – Co-Founder Blockchain Capital Global

Blockchain Captial Global


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